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      "Me!fur a hemmed Radical! You'd better have saved your money, young fellerI'm shut of you."

      "He's a valiant man," said Harry.

      "I d?an't see no harm in his buying a bit of Boarzell if it's going cheapbut it ?un't worth m?aking all ourselves uncomfortable for it."

      "Slaves," Dodd said to himself. "With a slave mentality." And then: "Tell me, Cadnan, do they all think like you?""Nothing, II'm going upstairs. Let me pass, please."

      "I forgot you all the time I wur wud Rose," he remarked naively.

      So he came, dressed in his best, as usual, with corduroy breeches, leggings, wide soft hat, and the flowered waistcoat and tail-coat he had refused to discard. He was no longer the centre of a group of farmers discussing crops and weather and the latest improvements in machineryhe stood and walked alone, inspecting the booths and side-shows with a contemptuous eye, while the crowd stared at him furtively and whispered when he passed ... "There he goes" ... "old Ben Backfield up at Odiam." Reuben wondered if this was fame.


      During the days that followed her attitude towards him changed subtly, almost subconsciously. A strange fear of him came over her. Would he insist on her bearing child after child to help him realise his great ambition? It was ridiculous, she knew, and probably due to her state of health, but sometimes she found herself thinking of him not so much as a man as a thing; she saw in him no longer the loving if tyrannical husband, but a law, a force, to which she and everyone else must bow. She even noticed a kind of likeness between him and Boarzellswart, strong, cruel, full of an irrepressible life.


      He went out and did a little work, but after an hour or so flung down the chicken-coop he was making, and rushed into the house. His usual question received its usual answer. He thought the doctor a hemmed fraud and the doctor thought him a damned fool.


      This was an infinite relief to Reuben. He was now no longer under the continual necessity of going one better than somebody elsehe could rebuild along his own lines, and economise in the way he chose. However, this very convenient behaviour of Grandturzel did nothing to soften his resentment. Tilly and Realf were, and were always to be, unforgiven. Sometimes he could see that they seemed inclined to be friendlyRealf would touch his hat to him if they met, and[Pg 358] perhaps Tilly would smilebut Reuben was not to be won by such treacly tactics. It was largely owing to the rivalry of Grandturzel that ruin had nearly swallowed him up four years agoand he would never be weak enough to forget it.FROM: John Harrison